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Super Bass brings super excitement!

I’m don’t usually watch videos that are shared via Facebook, but am so glad I came across this video earlier this week. It literally brought tears to my eyes watching how excited Sophia Grace is to meet her idol, Nicki Minaj.

Ellen first interviews Sophia and her cousin, Rosie. This girl is going to be a triple threat with her voice, dancing (you’ll see in the next video) and her British accent!

*I also love pink…and fluffy dresses!

And then Ellen brings Nicki to the stage. I love the message that Nicki gives to Sophia and Rosie.

This little girl just can NOT contain her excitement…but why should she? Let me just say that Sophia is inspiration for me to learn Super Bass to rock out at karaoke sometime soon.

Hoping you find something exciting this week that makes you jump up and down. 😉


1 thought on “Super Bass brings super excitement!”

  1. That is freaking adorable. I’d seen of of their videos from their house when I was at a friend’s house, but this is way cuter. I adore her little American accent. I agree, you need to learn the song and then rock it!

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