More big news…I’m joining the INFORUM Board of Directors!

A few months ago, Julie Crabill planted a seed that I ignored for a while. I decided recently that it was time to give some attention to that seed and see what it was all about. I had a meeting a few weeks ago with Caroline Moriarity-Sacks, Director of INFORUM at The Commonwealth Club of California, and am happy to announce that I am joining the INFORUM Board of Directors as the Programming Co-Chair. I’ll be focused on creating fun and engaging experiences YOU would want to attend. I mean, it’s what I do best, right?

If you’re not familiar with INFORUM, you should be! INFORUM is the fastest growing division of The Commonwealth Club, as well as one of the largest professional groups for people in their 20’s and 30’s in the Bay Area. The numbers this past year have increased significantly and I’m going to tell all of you ‘early adopters’ to check it out if you haven’t already.

INFORUM produces events across numerous verticals including business, culture, environment, food, politics, media, tech and science, so there’s something for everyone! Recent speakers include Spike Lee, Reid Hoffman, Jaime Oliver, Gavin Newsom, and Michael Minna. Recent topics that have been covered include Doing Business in China, Soldiers Back from Iraq, Urban Singles, Hot Young Chefs, Online Personas, The State of the Arts in San Francisco, and Middle East History 101. Surely SOMETHING on that list interests you.

To stay in the know about what’s coming up, you have a few options:

  • Become a member of INFORUM to receive discounted ticket prices, invites to member only events and be first to know what’s coming up!
  • Follow INFORUM on Twitter at @INFORUMsf for upcoming event info, quick tidbits and local highlights.
  • Friend us on Facebook at Check out who else ‘likes’ us, detailed info on events and share your thoughts on what events you’d like to attend.
  • Join our group on LinkedIn to professionally connect with other members.

You can also purchase tickets to the next event on December 1, How To Get Your Holiday Squeeze On: Sex & Dating in SF. Who’s bringing the mistletoe?


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