Back on the training wagon

Late last year! I signed up for the Disneyland Tinker bell Half Marathon that took place in January earlier this year. I was determined to train for it, especially since it would be my first race…ever, but never got around to committing to a true training plan.

As the new year started, I decided I’d make a commitment to getting some good run time in…and I did for the first week and then got a bad sinus infection the second week. There was no way for me to run with that stuff going on. I rested up and with just one week before the half, I felt good enough to get out for the longest run I had ever done in my life of 11 miles. And I completed it! I knew that I would at least be able to complete the half marathon, even if I had to walk part of the time, within the 16-minute mile requirement set for the race.

And I did it…with an official time of 13:12:43.

Holy what?!? I completed a freaking half marathon!!! And I even got a cute medal to prove it. I’ve already signed up for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in January 2014, and no I haven’t started training yet, but I know I’ll beat my personal record for that race.

Now, a few weeks ago, I got a crazy idea to sign up for the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in Las Vegas on November 17. Their time requirement is a 20-minute mile, which is definitely doable, but I have been so busy the past few weeks with conference production, that I’ve barely made time to take a shower and eat, let alone get outside for training runs. I know–priorities, right?!

So today, I finally got my butt off the couch and decided to get out for a longer run. I usually run in my neighborhood, but wanted to get out somewhere with a nicer view. A friend suggested going out to Boulder City near Lake Meade, and so I made my way out to the Far East side of town.

I decided I’d do around 6 miles, which is at least double what I’ve done most recently, and considering I only have 15 days before the race, I figured it was a good distance. Three miles out and then three miles back. On the way out it felt great as I had some decent speed but didn’t push it. I know my limits and seeing as I’ve been sitting things out for a while knew that I should take it easy, even if it was good distance.

What I wasn’t expecting was the ups and downs of the run…like literally the inclines and declines. That, combined with the bright sun and lack of water (I drank it all on the drive out), I was not in the best shape as I started back to the car. My left hand and wrist started swelling and felt very tight, which I’m guessing was due to the elevation and heat. Then I started getting cold chills and realized I wasn’t sweating that much, even though it was warm.

I just kept telling myself, “I can do this. It doesn’t have to be fast. I only have to get back to the car. Take it step by step.” The last mile, I even sang out loud together my mind off of my left hand and the chills. It worked…before I knew it, I came to the trailhead and as I looked at my phone to stop my Runkeeper app, I realized I did it…

6 miles–completed!

May the training efforts continue…

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