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Anonymous confessions

No, this is not my first blog. It’s not even my second blog. It is, however, my first public blog that I’ve shared with the masses. I have an anonymous blog.

When I set up, I wanted it to be a place where I could share about what’s going on in my life. No idea if people really read this, but figured it would be a great exercise in being a bit more transparent. Over the past few days, however, I’ve had a few posts in my head yet am not ready to share here. The alternative…go back to the anonymous blog just to get it out of my head.

Why do I have an anonymous blog? It started as a self-prescribed therapy tool for myself. I have lots of things in my life that I avoid dealing with, including things I’ve avoided for years and things I’m still avoiding. It was a ‘safe’ place where I could start dealing with all of those things. Don’t judge…we all have ‘things’ in our past we avoid, don’t we?

Yes, I have readers over there. Well, I used to. Seeing as it’s been a while, no idea if they’re still around. I had a little mini-community of support there. My cheerleaders, if you care to call them that. I’d return the favor as I’d follow their blogs as well and give my two cents where I felt it was worthy.

My anonymous blog, however, wasn’t really for anyone other then myself. I will admit it was comforting to hear what others had to say, even if they didn’t know me in real life. I went through a period of my life where I wrote about someone who read the blog. He knew about the blog, read and even commented. Things I wrote weren’t always pretty, but they were real and honest. That’s what that blog was there for. I didn’t care that he knew I was referencing him.

What puzzles me is why I can’t get over posting my more personal thoughts here, on If I could do it on my anonymous blog, when I KNEW that it was being read by the person I referenced, why can’t I do the same here?

Hoping to share more here about the real me, what’s going on and not going back to the anonymous blog to hide. :-/

2 thoughts on “Anonymous confessions”

  1. Girl, I didn’t realize you started another blog. You never said anything in your old one. Glad to see you kept up the blogging and decided to go public – it’s definitely something different, isn’t it? Guess I’ll be adding the feed 😉

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