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#time4wine Part Deux

Back in December, 50+ people gathered for a weekend dubbed #time4wine in Sonoma. It was an amazing time of coming together and NOT doing business. This wasn’t a working or networking weekend, but a time to get away from our cities with people we knew and people we didn’t for the sole purpose of chillaxing…with wine, of course!


We had people join us from San Francisco, Houston, Boulder, DC, NY, and of course L.A. We also heard from many they wished they could’ve made it, especially after reading our crazy tweets from the weekend. Well, no excuses this time! I’m ready to plan #time4wine Part Deux and need your input. Because we partied up North last time, we’re taking things South. Location TBD, but will be closer to L.A. this time.

Now, here’s where I need your help. What weekend works best? You can vote more than once if multiple weekends work.

Let’s start planning this now and get a relaxing weekend on our calendars.

8 thoughts on “#time4wine Part Deux”

  1. Count my vote for Pismo Beach. Secondary choices would be anywhere from Santa Barbara to Pismo. The Chumash Casino/Solvang is about equal distance between the two and has a lot of cool things to see/do.
    wms out.

  2. I think 3-5 may be the best as we can get people to stay after Web2.0 in SF.

    @wmmarc thanks for the suggestions on location. Will check those out!

    @ rachel–good to know. I was aware of Easter holiday and figured I wouldn’t even list that one. 😉

  3. I vote for Apr 3-5! Thanks Karen for putting the word out for Part Deux. Sounds like a fab wine weekend…

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