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Hot Shot

I’m not a photographer. The camera I have cost $150 and I barely use it. Partially because it intimidates me. I don’t know how to use it and think I take horrible photos. However, a few weeks ago, our company took us offsite for 2 days and we had a brief lesson from Jerry Courvoisier and Dan Milnor on how to frame the shot with our mind before clicking the shutter button. Then we were released into the wild to take photos.

Not gonna lie…I was embarassed to show people my camera. Everyone else had cameras as big as my head. I had the option to check out a ‘better’ camera, but decided I should get aquainted with my own. Off I went, into the wilds of Healdsburg, CA. And I took photos…lots of ’em. Almost 300 in just over 3 hours.

And some of them were good. Really good:

I even made my first Blurb book with my images titled “What’s this button do?” If you buy a copy, I’ll sign it for you. 😉 The best part, it only took me 2 hours to create a 140 page book. Yes, I’m serious!

1 thought on “Hot Shot”

  1. Hey Karen,

    Nice blog! I wish I could commit to keeping up mine this well.

    I was just in Healdsburg last weekend, love it up there. Keep up the photography!


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