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Whuffaoke or Bust kicks off

It is officially Day 1 of the Whuffaoke or Bust tour. No, I didn’t just sneeze. Whuffaoke is a 2+ week Karaoke Across America tour…

in a winnebago…

stopping in 13 cities

with 5 people (and 1 adorable pug!)

being live streamed.

Yes, I’m serious!

And just to clarify…I’m one of those 5 people.

My dear friend, Tara Hunt, is moving to Montreal. She had this crazy idea to do a Karaoke tour across America and the timing seemed right to coordinate with her move. Immediately, Alex Hillman and Tony Bacigulapo signed on. Next was Emma Persky, who flew in from the UK for the road trip. I signed on just a few weeks ago as a company I consult with, Midomi, is now sponsoring the tour.

This dream has turned into a major production as we now have a Winnebago, who we lovingly call Winnie (here’s a mock-up of what she’ll look like), sponsors–including iOKi for our Karaoke love; Eye-fi, which allows us to wirelessly and efortlessly upload photos to the web;  Lunch, who is going to get lots of interesting reviews and data points from us on the tour; Midomi, which will be our lifesaver when we ask “What’s that song?”; Dipity, who is bringing all our Social Media love into one rockin’ widget; and PopChips, who is providing nom nom nom in each city! We even have local ambassadors who are helping to coordinate local details.

And you can’t forget the amazing Whuffaoke or Bust jackets Tara created for us. Paris Hilton would definitely say, “That’s hot!”

There’s so much awesome about this tour that I just can’t post it all right now. There’s lots to do, including packing, shopping, drinking more coffee, and giving up on unpacking anything else. Oh yeah, I moved to my new place in San Francisco on Sunday. I’ll come home after the tour to a few more boxes to unpack. Will definitely look forward to that!

Hope you’ll join me for the tour…virtually or in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Boulder, Omaha, Des Moines, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston or Montreal.

Now taking song requests as well as bets on how long until I lose my voice!

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