Is it really November?

November usually brings a wave on anticipation for the upcoming season, but for some reason, it’s hard for me to believe it’s really November. The warmth of the California sun, and the lack of snow, is messing with my head!

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love giving gifts, sitting in the glow of the lights on the Christmas Tree before bed, the Red Cups from Starbucks, scarfs, singing along to “Christmas Wrapping” and every song on The Carpenters Christmas Portrait album, and the chill of the weather. Oh…and of course the snowfall, whether I’m watching from inside as the snow blankets the ground or outside making snow angels. All of it…I love all of it!

Last year was my first Winter in California and sad to say, I never got into the Christmas spirit.I'm an Angel! I didn’t even put up a tree because by the time I got around to it, I was leaving soon after to go to Michigan for the holidays and didn’t want to deal with taking it down when I got back. I blame all of my Scrooge Symptoms on the California weather. Funny I say this as the last winter I had in Madison, WI before moving to CA had a total snowfall of over 100″, setting a new record for the city. I was ready to never see snow again, or at least I thought I was.

It doesn’t feel like the holidays. Where I used to go into seasonal depression in Wisconsin due to the short hours of sunlight and not being able to enjoy being outside because of the below freezing temperatures, now I think I have seasonal depression because there ISN’T snow and cold.

I am now listening to Christmas music and have scheduled time on my calendar for trimming the tree, the day after Thanksgiving, which has always been the tradition for me. I also just sent my first email for collaboration on an amazing Christmas present for someone. Bring on the spirit!

Help me out…what gets you into the spirit of the holiday you celebrate? I’m open to trying just about anything to not lose another year to the Bah Humbugs!

To help you get in the spirit, here’s a light spectacular to “Christmas Wrapping”. (Who has time to create these things???!?!) Enjoy!

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