My 2009 in Tweets

This was a great theme word for 2009, but is one I’ll continue to work on. Post on my 2010 #Themeword coming soon…

We got a new President. I remember getting to work early to watch this historic moment…while sharing breakfast pastries with colleagues.

I got my first frieNDA thanks to @eston and @chrisabad.

@ericaogrady says it well in 140 characters or less as to one reason I ❀ Twitter.

I made it to my first SXSW in Austin and arrived in geek style, thanks to @cesart.

I also got into the best party at SXSW! πŸ˜‰

While at Brunch with approximately 20 people on my last day in Austin for SXSW, we gathered around one large table and surrendered our cell phones during the meal. Someone told me this was ‘the norm’ for the Austinites as they wanted to experience each other IRL (or In Real Life) instead of via what everyone was sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitpic, etc. I was AMAZED that everyone gave their phones over to one person who held them all until after the meal.

We should do this more often with our internet friends…who’s with me to #PutThePhonesAWAY?

After 3 years of thinking about it, I got my second tattoo. It means Passionate and is to remind me to always be passionate about what I’m doing.

During my first day on the job with @briansolis, he was at a speaking engagement and gave this little nugget of wisdom. I’ve repeated it many times, always giving him attribution. πŸ˜€

Why not make your fantasy your reality? @missrogue definitely did this, not only with her book, The Whuffie Factor, but also with the most kickass Karaoke Across America tour, Whuffaoke, which I was able to be a part of. Thanks Tara for allowing me to be a part of your fantasy turned reality life!

I totally do this too…hope to change it in 2010.

Damien must have read my mind as I had been telling myself this same thing. Even after being open to life earlier that week, which lead to the British man I just met kissed me (which is a whole other story), @db‘s reminder came just in time for a night out with someone new.

You know you’re a geek when you let the food wait to claim your Vanity URL. It was like the Gold Rush of Web2.0. You can find me at http://facebook.com/khartline.

Yes, I totally did this. No, he never knew.

Preach it @ryanorr! There is never a person who has all the right answers and I sure don’t trust ‘know-it-alls’ so what’s the harm in admitting ‘I don’t know’? I’ll respect and trust you more for it.

Love the open API for Twitter because it allows things like this to keep me entertained in life. I never knew who sent this…

No, @rogerniner…THANK YOU!! Roger Niner lists his occupation as “Facilitator of your Rock and Roll Dreams” and that he did. He saved the day for @whuffaoke as we kicked off in San Francisco and set the standard for our 2.5 weeks on the road. He is the absolute BEST KJ (Karaoke Jockey) in the WORLD and I’ll kick you in the face if you disagree.

I got pulled over in Illinois while driving the winnebago for Whuffaoke…and 100+ people watched it all happen live on Justin.tv. I only got a warning and we totally missed the chance to karaoke a song byΒ  The Village People with a real live cop! #FAIL

@EmmaPersky got the Whuffaoke crew into Milk & Honey, a members only bar in NYC. What an experience! We had our own mixologist who created drinks for us, including a unique champagne based drink inspired by the cities we were each from. It was then I decided that I want a man who can create tasty nomz and libations for me. If this is you, please inquire within…

Relationship means so much more than just ‘dating’ someone. If you aren’t open to exploring the areas Adrian Chan lists above, then you’re not ready for a relationship. Yes, it’s probably going to be a bit messy, but will be worth it.

*Do you see the ‘relationship’ theme here??* I totally agree with @scandalous that relationships take work. The problem with trying to find the balance is knowing how much effort the other person is willing to put into it. It’s like a teeter-totter…if takes a mutual effort for one person to not end up with their ass on the ground.

@pamela_lund is a wise, wise woman. Moments are PRICELESS and life is too short. </endcliche>

I asked the Universe “Is it possible for one person to actually make another person happy or does to HAVE to come from within?” and it answered me. Just one more thing to add to the list of things I want in a man.

I learned this many years ago when I was in a Sorority, but had to revisit it this year being in the new club of Social Media. San Francisco has some tech/Web2.0/Social Media event ever night, it seems, and I stopped going to most. If I was going out, it was to catch up with my friends that I wanted to make time for and even then, I didn’t get to connect with EVERYONE I wanted to because they were usually out at the events I was avoiding. There is nothing wrong with saying NO, which @cupcate would approve of!

I hate networking…it feels superficial. I prefer to build relationships, which means, as @avflox says, getting to know someone. Why do we define ourselves by our jobs? We are all much, much more than what our business cards say.I know…I still can’t believe it! Thanks to everyone for celebrating the New Gig with me.

Hoping my soul mate got the GPS I sent him for Christmas…BTW, @thedailylove is very inspirational and will be a big part of my life for my 2010 #Themeword.

@lucaspup is the new love of my life. I can’t tell you how much better life is with someone who loves me unconditionally…especially when I have a treat in my hand.

Come on…I’m not the only one who does vanity searches. You know you do too. @Chrisabad just happened to OH my confession of it.

Again…relationships! It is not about the numbers but about the people you know. Thanks @db for keeping it real.

Who knew Karaoke could be such a violent sport? BTW–If I’m banned from singing Celine, @brett should be banned from, well…everything.

Trying to make it easy for the fellas. What I didn’t realize is that Amos Lee isn’t touring right now. *sigh*

If you’ve read this far, I’d love to see some of your tweets that were interesting from 2009. Leave a comment. πŸ˜‰

7 thoughts on “My 2009 in Tweets”

    1. I love you too! I’m really excited to see what happens with Erica in 2010. Sounds like things are turning around and you’re ready for a new year. And thanks for sharing Laura’s Rules. Always good to have help from some of the most wonderful ladies in the world. πŸ˜‰
      Happy New Year Doll!

  1. 2009! I’m so over it already.

    Glad you finally made it to SXSW (not like I didn’t see you one month before and probably soon after). Looks like it was a good year. Obviously the bad shit isn’t going to make it onto a list like this, but I think we can both agree that the good outweighs the bad after the fact.

    Best of luck in 2010. Love you and miss you!

    1. I definitely need to get back to Austin soon. And some of the ‘not so good’ things are on my list…you just have to read between the lines. But you know what, those are the things that we live and learn from, which allows us to get our heads on straight for the new year.

      2009–what a doozy!

      ❀ and Miss U 2!

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