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What do you REALLY do?

If I’ve ever asked you “What do you do?”, consider yourself part of my social experiment. Often, people respond with their job. Wait a minute…I didn’t ask, “What do you do for work?” or “What do you do to make money?” So why do people respond that way? Are we so defined by what we do for work that we automatically answer that way instead of really thinking about what we do…and even who we are?

I’ll admit, I answer with my work. Why? Because it’s easy. Well, that’s not entirely true as of recently. I usually stumble over my answer as I’m doing contract work. You’d think I’d have a great answer to this question, or at least practice my answer, as it’s one that is usually asked first when meeting people. Yeah, not so much. :S

So how would I answer “What do you do” if I really thought about it? I’d say:

I think @avflox has a great point to compliment this thought:

What do you do?

Following @avflox’s suggestion, help me get to know you and tell me, “What do you REALLY do?”

10 thoughts on “What do you REALLY do?”

  1. I sit on my ass and litter the Internet with asinine comments. Sometimes, I ride my bike. Occasionally, I accomplish something that people can buy.

    Oftentimes, I tell people what to do. Seldom, I do it for them. Rarely, I do it incorrectly. Always, I fix it.

  2. I travel, I eat almost everything, I have incredible, explosive love affairs. I have neuroses, too. Tons of them. I’m addicted to coffee and cigarettes and my iPhone. I have around 300 e-mails for breakfast. I love shoes. I hate shopping. I tweet therefore I am. Sort of.

    It’s harder than people think. πŸ˜‰

    1. 300 emails for breakfast huh? That must be the secret to keeping your girlish figure. πŸ˜‰

      And you’re absolutely right…it is harder than people think. I wonder if it’s some sort of ‘mask’ when people answer with their jobs instead of really thinking about what they do/who they are.

      Thanks for inspiring and commenting!

  3. 1) I spend quality time (as much as I can!) with my rockstar girlfriends.
    2) I travel to distant lands.
    3) I wine and dine and…
    4) When the music’s right, I shake my ass…usually with said rockstar girlfriends.

  4. Funny, I recently updated my twitter background with a new description of what I do. It says:
    I tweet, I speak, I learn, I love, I live my life passionately.

    My work doesn’t define me, I define my work.

  5. I read, I write, I travel , I take pictures of things that amuse or intrigue me. I laugh, I cheer, I endure when needed – and I take life as it comes

    Thanks for reminding me to think about it πŸ˜‰

  6. I model. I worry too much. I write. I like to learn. I love to read. I don’t know what I want to do as far as a career. I want to live in a big city but I am intimidated. I twitter. I try to blog..

    This is a great blog post!

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