Love My Life #LML

A few weeks ago, I went to L.A. for a mini-vacation mixed amongst a few work meetings. I definitely needed it as I got to catch up with my girls that I haven’t seen in a while and truth be told, my work meetings were fun as well. In fact, one meeting was bumped up a little so we’d have enough time to chat and be done in time so I could attend a private performance by GRAMMY winners, Train at The Recording Academy. Yes, I sat about 20 feet away from Train and saw them perform this:
As I sat in the audience, I truly realized how much my life rocks. Granted…I’ve worked hard and have even done some completely crazy things, like worked for free for 2 months, which in turn opened the door to get me to where I am now. Even last week, I received an invitation to Nashville to attend the GRAMMY Salute to Country Music honoring Loretta Lynn. I went back and forth about going…should I really go? Can I afford the travel time? There’s so much to do! I need to be on email…I shouldn’t go. 😦 And then it hit me…
These are the opportunities I’ve worked so hard for. Why not do it?
What really closed the deal was hearing from my best friend in Oklahoma that she was granted time off from work and could go as well. We booked our tickets (me on a redeye tonight so I don’t miss too much time being offline) and are set to arrive in Music City at 10am tomorrow morning.
It’s time to really embrace and appreciate these opportunities that are coming my way. #LML
And a huge thanks to the fabulous Beverly “Miss Jackson If You’re Nasty” for making my life even more fabulous. 😉

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