Music is my boyfriend

Spotify playlists for everyone!

I’ve recently decided to check out Spotify as it seems more and more of my friends are using it since the recent launch in the U.S. I’ve had access to Spotify since 2009 (thanks to early invite) but was frustrated by the interface and bailed on it early on. I wanted a platform where I could press PLAY and it would allow me to discover new artists via others lists and not have to spend a lot of time curating my own lists or seeking those lists out.

When Rdio came on to the scene I was SO excited to know that I could search for an artist and see playlists the artist appeared on. This is my favorite feature as it allows music discovery in an easy way. I also love the ‘New Releases‘ feature and get excited on Tuesday mornings to see what the latest albums are to add to my collection. The cherry on top of all things I love about Rdio was the mobile app. Very easy to use and intuitive.

With Spotify being the new kid on the U.S. block, a lot of my friends are buzzing about it, but it’s definitely a divided buzz between Spotify and Rdio. However, I may have just been swayed onto the Spotify team. I sat down about an hour ago to try to find public playlists to follow that I could subscribe to in order to get me ready for a week of giving Spotify a real try again.

After looking on the Spotify website, and not finding anything, I decided to go to the all-mighty Google and searched “How do I find public playlists on Spotify?” The results were not encouraging as most told me how to create my own. But then I came across a blog post that talked about…from February 2009. I crossed my fingers that this URL was still good, but it wasn’t. However, it redirects to a NEW URL,, which lists it tagline as “Long Live the Mixtape.”

*cue heavenly music*  

My life is complete, though my subscriptions to Spotify playlists will continue to grow.

Share My Playlists is a site that completely ties into your Spotify account by allowing you to subscribe to new playlists via search or the Charts of playlists that’s updated each Monday. You can also generate your own playlist by listing a few artists and clicking a button, similar to the genius function in iTunes, though it curates the list with music that may, or may not, be in your library.

Before you dig into Share My Playlists, let me share a few tips so you can start loving it just as much as I do:

  • The Playlist Generator allows you to select a list of 10, 15 or 25 for initial creation. BUT, once it’s created, you can click the Add More Tracks button (at the bottom of your new playlist) to grow that playlist as long as you want!
  • Once your playlist is complete, it’s as easy as drag and drop into Spotify on your desktop. You can right click on the playlist in Spotify to rename. 
  • To add a public playlist to your Spotify account, you have to click PLAY on the list which will then open the playlist within Spotify. You can then SUBSCRIBE within Spotify.
  • This same tip (Play the Playlist) applies to the iPhone and iPad Share My Playlists apps. Not sure if it’s the same for Android, but thinking it probably is. (I’m an Apple girl.)
  • If you want to ‘Favorite’ a playlist within, you’ll see the standard ‘heart’ icon above and just to the right of the title of the playlist. Be warned that it defaults as a red heart and you have to click it so it’s a white heart, which is then added to your Favorites. Backwards, right?!
Time for me to get back to creating new playlists with just a few clicks of the button. You can see the playlists I’ve created and subscribed to on Spotify at Khartline.

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