All together now…HI KAREN.

My name’s Karen and I’m a Twitter addict. *Hi Karen* If you know me, you’re not shocked by this confession. Twitter has truly changed my life and I really think it’s going to take over the world soon. Think of it as the Web2.0 Will Smith.

I heart Twitter so much that I not only applied for a job (I wanted to be @ev’s assistant. His loss!), but I even took them cupcakes to say congrats for their expansion. Yes, there was a slight ulterior motive behind the cupcakes (see previous sentence). Thinking I should send a bouncy castle or something for their recent news of fundraising.

As I meet new people, I often ask if they’re on Twitter. If they are, we exchange handles. If they aren’t, I get to rock their world with an intro to it. Yes, I’m that girl. It is my first choice for social media. Heck, even my blog URL is my Twitter handle (partially because karenhartline.com was taken.)

Twitter is a personal thing for me, which is why I don’t follow everyone back who follows me. It would become too overwhelming and I wouldn’t enjoy it nearly as much. I’d guess about 85% of those I follow are people I’ve met, yet I don’t follow everyone on Twitter I’ve ever met. The other 15%? People or brands I find entertaining.

I tweet multiple times a day and lately, have been trying to hold back. There’s just so much I want to share with others. There’s a sense of community when I send a tweet into twitter-space. I KNOW people are reading and I read all replies (thanks to Tweetdeck. Srsly…download this puppy if you haven’t already!)

I landed in the UK just almost 36 hours ago and will be here for 9 days. I already know it may kill me that I can’t tweet from my Blackberry, as the charges are redonkulous. If I’m not back in San Francisco on February 26th, you know why…

One final note…If you’re reading this and I don’t follow you on twitter, leave me a comment or reply to me on Twitter with your favorite cereal, band/music artist AND color and I’ll be happy to follow you. 😉 That at least makes me feel like I know you a little. And so you feel like you know me, I like Lucky Charms, Little Jackie and Green is my favorite color.

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